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Live one-on-one personal training sessions are the gold standard for those interested in transforming their health and achieving their fitness goals under my professional real-time guidance.

Live in-person and virtual training is for those who: 

1. Want to improve overall health and well-being
2. Are interested in improving body composition (lose fat and gain muscle) 
3. Seek to develop confidence in movement mechanics and proper form
4. Are busy & just want to be told what to do

I offer in-person sessions for clients based in Chicago and virtual sessions for clients who live abroad. My sessions include one-on-one training, ongoing diet coaching, & 24/7 access to me via phone/text.  


Live In-person & virtual

60 Minute Sessions


10-Session Package

20-Session Package

45 Minute Sessions 

10-Session Package

20-Session Package

Pair/Group Training Available

*In-person training sessions within downtown Chicago only

*Sessions are limited and dependent on schedule availability

*Pay-as-you-go options are not offered. Single sessions are offered for trial purposes only. 

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