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SNACK QUEEN 👑... an introduction.

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Around these parts, some refer to me as the healthy snack queen....and might I say, it's for good reason. 

One of my favorite passtimes in recent years has been finding healthier versions of some of my favorite foods and snacks. 

Let me explain....

I am a FOOD LOVER. I grew up without much access to junk food (btw, thank you to all my childhood friends who let me rummage through their snack and candy pantries when I'd come over blood thirsty for sugar and artificial flavoring) - my mom was always on the latest diet, and we lived with my grandparents for most of my teenage life so I was spoiled with some of the best, wholesome, Armenian cooking you could ever imagine. have no idea. Grandma Rosa was the BEST cook.

For any of you with foreign parents or grandparents, you know that you couldn't really leave the table until your plate was clean, otherwise you'd surely upset the chef. And grandma Rosa was a force. 

For years, I would be expected to finish everything on my plate... and, well, that kind of conditions you to pay zero attention to your hunger signals, and all sorts of attention to eating more food. 

So here we are: I love food. I can eat for two, sometimes---- ok actually, most of the time, three....And for me, as a 32 year old woman whose genetics are NOT totally on her side (relax mom, you gave me some great great skin and lovely curves?) it's my duty to find ways to enjoy the most delicious snacks, at half the calories. 


My hope for the next few posts is that I can offer some insight into some of my favorite healthy snacks and foods that will not only help you diversify your cooking, but keep you on track to looking and feeling fit! 

My philosophy may be different than yours, and that's okay... my pallatte has taken 15+ years to develop for foods like these. I can only offer my insight. 

Philosophy: I weigh everything with two thoughts in mind: taste and nutritional value (let's assume nutritional value means calories and macronutrients):

- If it tastes good, but nutritional value is too high, it's not worth it to me.

-If it tastes FUCKING AMAZING and nutritional value is too high, it's a once in a while splurge. 

-If it tastes good and nutritional value is moderate, it's something I can get down with pretty regularly. 

-It it tastes good and nutritional value is low, it's a win win win win winnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn baby! I will eat that deliciousness all day every day. 

Some things I REALLY look for in addition to good taste and low nutrional value: 

1. High protein (it's a MUST, people!)
2. Lower fat (fat is expensive and I'm not into spending so much on such little pleasure)
3. Appealing Presentation - sorry, but my googly eyes need to be tricked into thinking what I'm eating is as similar to its higher calorie, fattier cousin as it can be. For example, give me a protein packed donut but please make it look like a REAL  donut....that maybe had a rough week...or month...?

Stay tuned..

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