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"Just the Diet" 
Custom DieCoaching


What's Included: 

Custom calorie and macro prescriptions 

24-7 messaging access for support, guidance, and accountability.

Weekly check-ins via messenger to help you stay on track 

A healthier-for-you food guide that includes products and recipes

A 30-minute video call/month

In-App Diet Tracking


Just the Workout

Personalized Workout Program



What's Included: 

Personalized workout & habit programming based on:  goals, schedule, and equipment. 

New Workouts every 6 weeks

Easy-to-follow exercise videos 

Two-way Messaging with me for guidance & support

A healthier-for-you food guide that includes products and recipe ideas

A private in-app group 

 Workout & Diet Coaching

Personalized Workout Program + Online Diet Coaching 


What's Included: 

Workout & habit programming based on goals, schedule, and equipment.

Diet Assessment & Personalized Calorie & Macro Targets

24/7 Two-way Messaging

Easy-to-follow exercise videos 

A 30-minute live video check-in per month

A healthier-for-you food guide that includes products and recipes to help support your new lifestyle.




Why Join?

My online coaching is a proven, efficient, & economical solution for anyone who needs to improve their health with guidance, structure, & accountability. My easy-to-use app delivers ongoing personalized workout programs, a daily & weekly calendar, diet tracking, 24-7 two-way messaging, along weekly & monthly check-ins to help keep you accountable through the process! 

Achieving your fitness goals requires more than taking random classes, doing random workouts, or eating "clean" foods. It involves having a plan that provides direction & structure, & knowledge through guidance to empower you to make lasting change. 

This is a real-time coaching relationship, with real-time guidance, personalization, and accountability for less than the price of two in-person training sessions. Join me! :) 


 What Clients are Saying

"I can't believe my progress, but also yes I can because I have you. I can't tell you how many people I tell about you. Anyone who comments on my weight...'SO THIS IS ASHLEY POLADIAN, IT'S TOTALLY VIRTUAL!'"

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