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About Me

Hey there! I'm Ashley! I specialize in using fitness to help my clients develop healthy habits that make them look, feel, and live better. My definition of well-being is having the ability to adapt and thrive in a world that is often indifferent to—and even conflicting with—your effort to experience a truly optimal state of being.   I am proud to hold a unique and diverse combination of specialties, so my style of coaching combines a science-based understanding with a real-world, simplistic approach. I believe self-awareness is the root of all change, so I strive to help my clients identify who they want to be while encouraging them to make choices that align with becoming that person. Much of my work is rooted in movement, nutrition, and healthy habit formation, with a strong undertone in overall personal development.


I provide both in-person and virtual training sessions. My sessions include a blend of strength training, endurance, and joint-specific mobility training, designed to challenge you to become the fittest version of yourself. These sessions are best suited for clients who want to dedicate extra attention to form and intensity in order to optimize their fitness. After all, you never train as hard as you do when you're one-on-one with a fitness coach. :)


My online coaching offering is for those who have some experience with exercise but have always struggled to achieve their desired strength or body composition goals. Offered through a monthly membership, I offer workout programs delivered through an easy-to-use application that provides structure, guidance, and 24/7 two-way communication for accountability and support. This format is excellent for people on the go who can work out from anywhere. 

Diet Coaching

Diet is uniquely responsible for achieving our most desired body composition goals, like muscle development and fat loss. My diet coaching approach is hands-on and entirely supported by evidence-based research. Because II believe that knowledge is the most powerful tool in any intrinsic behavior change, my goal is to educate my clients about food and empower them to make smarter, more informed diet choices. Support, consistency, and accountability are paramount to any goal-oriented process, therefore compliance monitoring and routine check-ins are key pillars in my diet coaching process. Diet coaching is included for in-person training & offered as an add-on to my online coaching membership.

Credentials & Education
  • Fitness Coach

  • Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist

  • Functional Range Assessment Specialist

  • Certified Yoga Teacher

  • Postural Restoration Institute Student

  • Rehab Specialist

  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified Nutrition Coach

  • Clean Health Nutrition Coach 

  • N1 Biomechanics & Execution



Thank you so much for being an all-star coach. Prior to you, the word "coach" wouldn't have made sense - but you brought it to life. Your encouragement, check-ins, wisdom, friendship, and in depth knowledge of nutrition/fitness/body mechanics made all the difference. You are truly amazing.

-Penny, Client

Ashley has been incredible with me and I am fully committed to our process, progress, and ultimate goals. I’ve been thrilled with the sharing and the satisfaction I feel when I accomplish the exercises she's given me! I have a long way to go with my physical goals but my mental and emotional goals are really making a tremendous difference both within myself and my interactions with my family. This is incredibly important to me and I can’t thank Ashley enough for all the positive reinforcements I’ve received in such a short time. 

-Amy, Virtual Client

I need to tell you, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. My progress has been so amazing. I never thought I would see my body like this. I lost like 6 lbs from when we talked last month and I can see the fat melting from places I haven't been able to ever get to! I am so so happy and so so thankful for your help and encouragement ad knowledge. I can't believe my progress!

-Virtual Consult Client

Seriously thank you so much!  I used to feel intimidated using the weight room and not just the weight machines but feel totally comfortable now ☺️ 


I’ve also been the only girl there both times working out without a trainer haha 

-Custom Program Client

Thank you so much for such an amazing experience! I have learned SO much from you! I feel like the most useful piece of information I got from you was the concept around dieting. For so long I would try different diets and end up feeling frustrated in the end. Your approach is so sustainable. And I've already seen results. 


Your workouts were intense yet not overwhelming. I definitely plan to continue coaching with you. Thank you SO much!

-Virtual Client

I can't believe my progress, but also yes I can because I have you. I can't tell you how many people I tell about you. Anyone who comments on my weight - "SO THIS IS ASHLEY POLADIAN, IT'S TOTALLY VIRTUAL"

-Custom Program Client


Questions? Ask me! 

Located in Chicago ❤️

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